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 Posted: Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 01:05 pm
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MaDMaXX wrote:
The issue is always the accuracy to which the LED's are positioned inside the "bulb" - that has to be accurate or the reflectors will be off in their angle.

You're not looking for dipped lights though, so it doesn't really matter as much - additionally, most if not all LED bulbs will be a nice white light.

As far as position of the bulbs, the H-3's are preset with a mounting flange that is notched for alignment, I am hoping when I do locate what I am looking for the alignment will be the last thing to worry about !

This is a little late but when buying LED Bulbs, watch the Temperature rating... i.e. 5000K, 6000K !
At about 5500K the light starts to go Blue, 4800 to 5500K (bright white) will render the whitest light.
A lot of LED Bulbs come in at around the 4000K to 4800K Temperature rating (warm white) and although white, they are a little more yellow than the 5500K Bulbs.

So it is a question of what you think is white, read any LED Color Chart and think bright white !

Thanks for the comments !

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