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 Posted: Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 03:32 pm
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The TMs are an engineering marvel, they look impressive and word is they work... that's nice.  I just cant get over all the piping, too much to me but I am not a designer or Flow Engineer, so what I think about the extra lengths doesn't matter.
Smaller diameter tube create high velocity air movement at lower rpms, and in turn increase low end torque, also the smaller tubes will create a suction on the heads, removing more of the spent gases... i.e. more new gas, bigger bang, more torque on low end.
Larger tubed headers are designed for high rpm runs, big HP, they don't suck on the low end as well as small tubes do but when you hit the higher rpm ranges they should develop more HP, again at the expense of low end torque.
If you are looking or TORQUE, which is what you feel when taking off, or trying to pull out of the mud, or just F-g off, you want smaller tube headers, i.e "Torque Monsters" !

Note:  Cubic Inches and head design can change the ID of the header tubes, larger engines need larger tubes but they still adhere to the theory of smaller tubes make better torque.

Has anyone tried a set of shorty headers ?

I was looking at Shorty Headers, L&L Products and Summit Truck Headers, and they look close to fitting.

I have a set of the Summit Headers setting on the side of the shop, all painted up in PRO15 Exhaust Paint, just waiting to be tried out but I am nowhere near ready for them.

IF the L&L Product Shorty Headers would fit, they are incredible headers, heavy gauged metal in the pipe, 1/2" Engine Flanges, 3/8" Header to Exhaust Pipe Flanges, and when you pick them up you can tell they are heavy duty.
I used a set on my '88 5.0L Swap years back and they worked great, but always wondered if they would fit in the newer Ranger/5.0L Swap !

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