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 Posted: Tue Feb 20th, 2018 02:03 am
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Scrambler82 wrote:
Morning all... 
Colder here in SoCal.

Re-reading the write-up, thanks for doing the writeup, I am in the position NOW... where one of my back brakes is locking up and everything I do does nothing to stop it, scary at times !

Sooo... I am thinking this could be a good alternative.

Are there any kits available ?
What parts / kit / Ford Part Numbers did you use ?

I have seen a kit on the Summit Racing Site, didn't bookmark it but it cant be too hard to find, might be something to look at again !


Mine actually did that too, one of the big reasons I did this swap. A quick fix for me was to remove the parking brake bracket inside the drum, didn't fix the problem completely but my rear wheels stoped locking on the highway.

There is a kit available, but it is more expensive than the swap this is about (Explorer parts) and is also discontinued so getting parts would get expensive to do a brake job. This swap makes it easy down the road to go to an auto parts store and pick up any parts you need for a brake job.

I don't actually have any part numbers as it was all easy to find Explorer parts. I can find my website list of stuff I bought for the swap to post here later.

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