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 Posted: Fri Feb 9th, 2018 03:16 am
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I think I wrapped that bezel 4-5 years ago. Still looks exactly how it did. I ended up rapping the door pulls, a-pillars as well just recently. Looks good. I'm half tempted to take the wrap off the a-pillars and just paint them black. I did the rest of the interior behind the seats black and my headliner is black so it looks so much nicer.

I keep looking at eBay for the door pulls so if they EVER come up I'll let you know so you can buy them to match your bezel! Might be a couple years though but if you ever sold them as a set (door pulls and bezel) I'm sure you'd make a pretty penny on it! I will have to look to see if I had the part numbers from them... I know I saved them somewhere just in case but have to go back through emails/auctions.


2001 XLT 2.3L