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 Posted: Mon Feb 5th, 2018 02:38 pm
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Can't argue with anything you are saying but on paper it looks like one thing but really it does change thing little things.I went from a 29" tire to a 31" tire and didn't think it was doing anything, when in reality I was burning up transmissions and beating up engines, snf I didn't even think about mpg !The truck was a GMC, maybe thats the problem... LoL, but when I went back to the stock tires and sold it, the guys that bought it thought it was the best truck he had ever owned; IMHO, the only thing that got changed were the tires, so the simplest explanation was that 2" diameter change of the tires from 31" back to 29", made the truck a better truck...  a gear change doing being the same thing.Also, when I went to 4.56s in this Ranger, the 3.0L came alive and pulled a lot better.  I did go from OEM Stock tires to 33" BFG ATs and the gearing went from 4.10 to 4.56 but all and all, to me, it made the truck easier to drive.
Everyone to their own, good luck, enjoy the ride.

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