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 Posted: Sun Feb 4th, 2018 08:21 pm
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Scrambler82 wrote: With larger tires the truck WILL lose power, if auto-trans you may not notice it but with a manual you will need to shift to a lower gear to do the things you used to do in a higher gear... just the facts, I've lived it !

Re-gearing, yes pricey, but you will not believe what you were missing until you drive it with the new gearing.
My Ranger is 15 years old this year, less than 90K mile on the Odometer and she is running great.
... knock on wood

I know most people think it is a BIG thing to re-gear and it is in a lot of ways, but the the big thing really is the new response you get from the old Girl and the increase in milage, I gained 3 mpg and if I can keep my foot out of the floor boards I can get even better mpg !
When I first drove the truck after the re-gear, wow, I have a new truck, at least it felt that way !

It was just a suggestion to re-gear, some people do not realize just how much of a change it will be !
I got my truck to the look the way I wanted first, the right tire and rims, then I decided what gears to go with (4.56s), and although I like it the way it is I think 4.88s might have been even better... more power, Scotty ! Need the 5.0L even more than before !

There is no sense driving for long distances in the DD and not enjoy it, so take some of the work out of driving !

Good Luck on the new tires, I am getting to the point of new treads too, I have had these BFG-ATs on for over five years and the front is the only ones worn... maybe I should have rotated the tires more !


I'm well aware of the concept and benefits of regearing.  When we did 1 tons and 39.5s on my 4runner with dual cases we regeared to 5.38s.  When we installed a blower on an older cobra we regeared to 3.73s to aid in acceleration at the track.  
The size difference in going from 245s to 265s is minimal.  I already have 265s so I'm completely used to the truck now.  
It's only 3.5% according to a calculator.  According to my gps my odometer is 3.1% off, so it's a pretty accurate calculation.  
To put the truck back to a stock power level would require a regear to just 3.90s.  Since I doubt those exist for the front end, a 4.10 swap is more logical.  That said, the 600-700 in parts to gain the tiny amount of lost power on truck for a 16 year old is just money wasted.  If we are talking much heavier tires, or 35s, sure I'd go for it. 
Hell according to discount the bfgs on my truck weigh in at 53lbs each.  The tires going on my truck weigh in at 40.  That's a pretty significant difference.  
Between the weight loss of my current tire, and the truly minimal size difference, I'll be fine.

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