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 Posted: Sun Feb 4th, 2018 05:29 pm
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MaDMaXX wrote: I actually ended up splashing on this, it's a PITA to remove is all i can say about that :(

The rubber coating is very thin, i won't affect the fit, though i would be aware of the part that sits along the outside top of the door/paintwork, i could imagine it might rub.

I agree, rubbing on the paint is not a good thing, that is why I purchased a new set instead of playing games, I don't like games.I was thinking maybe some sort of coating to go on top of the rubberized stuff to reduce the wear on the new pieces... wondering what, if anything, would work.
My Ranger has 15 years on her, runs well, (knock on wood), I have only small signs of wear on the original Arm Rest portion of these parts, but I do not know what the rest of it looks like.  When I take the door apart to add electric windows I will think about replacing them then.
Lets see some pictures of what your old ones look like and what the new/reworked one look like AND of course the actual removal and install too.

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