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 Posted: Thu Feb 1st, 2018 09:50 pm
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James / Christian / Adrienne / Brendon / Sean,

Hey, thanks for taking the time to find information, which is good info for all  !

I didn't hear about it being just for Off-Road use, I did understand the year thing but hoped there was a way around it.   

[font="Arial, sans-serif" style="font-family: "comic sans ms";"]Now IF Cummins can come up with an On-Road Crate Engine for swapping it would be great.
[font="Arial, sans-serif" style="color: rgb(97, 239, 255); font-family: "comic sans ms";"]

I guess the 5.0L will end up in the Ranger and find a place to get the inspections done.

[font="Arial, sans-serif" style="font-family: "comic sans ms";"]Again, thanks for taking the time to find out about this package deal and how it applies to everyday vehicles.[font="Arial, sans-serif" style="font-family: "comic sans ms";"]

[font="Arial, sans-serif" style="font-family: "comic sans ms";"]Back to the Drawing board, I guess I can spend the money on a new suspension or a six speed automation trans.

[font="Arial, sans-serif" style="font-family: "comic sans ms";"]Ltr

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