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 Posted: Tue Jan 30th, 2018 02:23 am
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New Audio On The Way !

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The front holes fit ok, just the rear needed a little opening up !
One thing I did find out and the reason I swapped my Powered Explorer Seats for 2002 FX4 Bucket Seats, is there just isn't enough room in a Standard 2-dr Cab for Explorer seats.  The Cab is OK with stock bucket seats but the Ex Seats are higher and longer, too much interference and me with long legs, things start to get tight real fast !
Mustang-Man,Wondering about why you need the earlier Ranger Seat Tracks to fit the Stang Seat ?I'm thinking, but don't know, that the earlier seat tracks won't fit !  Please enlighten me !AND fit it up and see if you can fit with the EX Seats, it was uncomfortable to me.The Ex Seat that I swapped fit in an Extended Cab as is... the guys was happy with the swap and I was too; got new covers, heaters, and looking for foam before I get them installed.

2003 EDGE, Std Cab, Steppie, E4 Red, 5sp, 4x
5" SuperLift, 33" x 12.50 x 15"
Hurst Shifter
Mod'd Backrack to fit Steppie
Front and Rear Bumpers by Custom 4x4 Fabrication, OK; now Mike Welding and Fabrication.
Working on more Mods, just need more time, longer days would work !