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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2018 05:31 pm
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For people without GT40p heads, yeah, there were a number of options for 97-older. And the Tri-Ys were a great solution. I'd stick with those...
However for those of us with GT40p heads, the only choice that I was ever aware of was:-Reuse the stock Explorer exhaust manifolds (both tube and cast)-FMS Explorer headers (no longer made)-TM Explorer headers-MAC's GT40p header
The Explorer tube manifolds should've been an absolute embarrassment to Ford. I'm dumbfounded they went to production with those things.
They did better with the cast iron manifolds which didn't come out until circa 99ish...which perform better mainly due to the larger ports.
FMS headers are more a hybrid between a manifold and a header. They are a bizarre routing of tubes with a LOT of tube-sharing across the cylinders and less-than-optimal flow characteristics...all compromises for a tight fit, but still better than the stock manifolds.
The TMs are not an option on 94-older Rangers because the engine bay is even more cramped than the 95-97 era due to the AC box. I wanted to work with Robert on making something that'd work for the 94-older era back in 2005, but once I actually got my engine in and running, it was just obvious there are no other options without sacrificing the AC box. 

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