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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2018 01:36 pm
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I wonder how they compare to my tri y’s I have now as far as gains in torque and hp if any .
The biggest advantage of Torque Monsters is that they bolt on a 5.0 and fit perfectly a in any 98+ Ranger engine compartment, but especially 4x4's. Also, judging by my set that were built a few years ago,  the design and construction are absolutely first rate.

For a 97-back Ranger, there are many other choices. The TM's have smallish primaries, uneven lengths and small collectors. Depending on the specs of what you have now, there's a chance that switching to TMs might actually be a performance hit rather than a gain. If off-the-shelf tri-Ys would have fit easily in my truck, I might have chosen them over the beautifully  made but very pricey TM's.

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