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 Posted: Mon Jan 22nd, 2018 09:07 am
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When I did the SuperLift 5" lift/31 spline Axle Housing/ Coil-Over Fronts, KM2, and Lift Kit rear shocks, the ride was ok, not good but it was a lifted truck and a short bed to boot.

It wasn't long before I found out the ride wasn't just "not too bad" to "It $ucks" !
I started my quest to a better ride by playing with the tire pressure, up, down, back up and all around... NOT going to happen, tire pressure may help with tire wear but it didn't help with my ride. I started an active learning process in how to drive with a screwed up truck suspension with bump steer problems.

I ended up blaming the tires, the KM2s were 16" and had a load rating for a truck twice or three times my weight. OK I screwed up, bought the wrong tires, got new BFG All Terrains, wow, rode better, but still ended up with bump steer... BAD, scary at times !

Got to SoCal, start to live with the truck but found the Wife couldn't drive it so took the old girl, not the wife... the truck, to a shop that had a lot more experience with suspensions systems than I did and they took the thing apart. As it turns out they rebuilt the front, ok, the rear needed two different shock lengths the shock that were in there were too short and bottomed out, done, and got a couple of front end parts replaced and spring hangers, and... drum roll please... WOW, the truck actually rode as if it was new without the lift ! Who would have thunk !

So, here I go, IF you are having trouble with your ride, consider going to a suspension shop, not a general mechanical shop, and talk to them about your ride, what you did in the past to get the ride you have and what you want from the work.

Work I had done:
1) Rebuilt the front Coil-Overs.
2) Replaced the rear shock... with two different length shocks and length enough so the shock didn't bottom out.
3) Replaced the rear spring hangers.
4) Set tire pressure to factory specs.

Good Luck on your quest, some time is isn't just bolt the stuff in and ride, there is a science to it !

2003 EDGE, Std Cab, Steppie, E4 Red, 5sp, 4x
5" SuperLift, 33" x 12.50 x 15"
Hurst Shifter
Mod'd Backrack to fit Steppie
Front and Rear Bumpers by Custom 4x4 Fabrication, OK; now Mike's Welding and Fabrication.
Working on more Mods, just need more time, longer days would work !