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 Posted: Fri Jan 19th, 2018 05:51 pm
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I've watched them, liked them, and asked a lot of questions, but got no answers that I could put together for a CA Diesel based Ranger.
I am all for the new R2.8L, it sound like it will be a great engine but as 12 Degrees has stated there may be more to CA-Diesels than meets the eye.

I have asked Cummins about my particulate swap, about the state I am in, both physical and metal, and is the Crate Motor Package all I need; no answers from them, just it will be available when and for how much !

I need to find a supplier of the Crate Motors and talk to them, get some paperwork on the package and then go for the CA DMV Vehicle Modification Approval, I think it is my only way out !

I've talked to Advanced Adapters, hoping they will be selling the package but they appear to know some of what is happening but not about where CA lies in the mess !

So I am back to square one, find out if the Cummins Crate Engine is approved for CA use when installed in a 4300 lb. vehicle, i.e. Ford Ranger Short Bed Std Cab.

Then the choice of transmissions comes in, will an NV4500, which I have, work with this engine, yes it will turn and drive the vehicle but is the gear ratio workable for both off road and Hy-Ways ? My T/C, an Atlas II, 4.3, will work but as everything else I need help to get this thing rolling !

I talked to a Shop here in SoCal and they are interested in the work but no idea about if it will be approved in CA. They also wanted me to swap a Chebby LS in my Ford... NOT HAPPENING ! I have a 5.0L that could go in and appears easier to make happen than the Diesel. I am not giving up yet, hoping something drops from the sky and has all the answers ! LoL !


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