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 Posted: Thu Jan 18th, 2018 11:28 pm
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Scrambler82 wrote: 12 Degree N,
I am all in, want to do the install but never got the info I needed for CA Certification.
I will be stopping by the Registry tomorrow and see what I need to get for information to certify the Ranger/R2.8L TDI.
Just wish there was a certified kit that could just be installed and get it done !

I want this to happen but I am not the one to chase this thing down, so many open projects; might take a while !

We understand, and for what its worth. Calif may "Require" you to still add a DEF Fluid system as well as pay all the fees for keeping it certed and maintained. Besides, you pay enough attention to whats going on in SoCal and Cali in general at the local town meetings, you see they're going to do everything "legislatively possible" to get you and everyone else out of their cars/trucks in the name of; increased walk-ability points, capped freeways into parks, gas taxes (already halfway in place),  25-47% increases in your registration fees (already in place mind you), among turning fwys like the 10 into toll roads. ANYTHING they can do to make the cost of driving unnecessary or astronomically financially impossible.. all in the name of "Climate change" The Utopian struggle is real.

I wish I had more information to offer at this time and with my inside guy being busy at Cummins, its been hard matching schedules and conversations beyond the written course of things. I'll see what more I can get on the subject as I can.

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