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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2018 07:01 pm
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So I measured in a few different places and the differences were all over the place. Hard to pinpoint what the issue is.

1. Top of leaf mounting plate straight up to inner fender well.
L: 9 5/8" R: 10 1/2" Difference: 7/8"

2. Rear liftblock (top of bumpstop) to the frame (next to factory rubber bumpstop)
L: 6" R: 6" Difference: 0"

3. Ground to top of bed (center of rear wheel)
L: 48.5" R: 49.5" Difference: 1"

4. Top of rear bumper to ground
L: 28" R: 28 1/2" Difference: 1/2"

So I think my leafs are okay based off of the #2 measurement. But the #1,3 & 4 make it look like the bed is tweaked a bit.

The body lines match up on both sides from the cab to the bed.

The bumper is not bent and frame doesn't appear to have ever been hit. Could 1/2" difference in the bumper be how it's mounted? Tightening on one side would raise the bolt to the top of the hole. Tightening on the other side would pull the bolt lower in the hole.

As far as the inner fender well and top bed height being different...I'm stumped. Especially since the body lines match up. Unless the factory tweaks/lifts/lowers the bed until all the body lines are straight.

Also, the body mounts for the bed all look good, none rotted or broken.

From the bed to the back window looks straight as well.

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