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 Posted: Mon Oct 23rd, 2017 11:23 pm
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I know there was a lot of talk on plenty of other boards with the recent releasing of the Cummins 2.8R Litre engine setup about possible diesel options, in this case fit for a Ford Ranger. I've actually spoken to Steven at Cummins about possibly moving a few of these units for a project source. Don't let the liters fool you.., here's an alternative in "all in one box" setups..
"If you haven’t heard the news that Cummins has a brand-new 2.8L diesel crate engine on the market, you need to get your eyes and ears checked. The name Cummins has long been ubiquitous in the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty diesel market and for good reason. Cummins engines deliver durability, power, and efficiency. 
In our world of off-roading 4x4s and tow rigs, engines like the 4BT, 6BT (AKA 12-valve 5.9L), 24-valve 5.9L, and 6.7L Cummins turbodiesels are second to none when it comes time to do work and make torque. And with this new Cummins crate engine available for $8,999, ready to run (literally, you can start it in the crate with a little fuel and a battery versus all the other à la carte crate engines out there), anyone with a pulse and a love for 4x4s has one on order, or wants to."

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