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 Posted: Thu Jun 30th, 2022 12:23 am
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Tsquare wrote:
AIC - I am still waiting on Youtube updated on the Jeep.

I understand letting loose the Ranger with 5 kids. I drove my Ranger for the fist time in two weeks yesterday. I filled it up at the beginning of the month and it still has over a half tank. My wife's Audi gets 27mpg around town and with both of us in retirement mode it is rare that we both need transportation at the same time.

Which channel are you subbed to? I am bad about just uploading to one channel. Here's my last video on the jeep:

I am actually going out to work on it shortly. I was going to go out earlier but we had a dust storm blow in, so I'm waiting for it to clear out (or at least RAIN!) 

That's the thing. we have 5 cars right now. The jeep isn't road worthy yet, but should be soon, The Tahoe, The Truck, my wife's car, and we're babysitting my dad's fiat 124 spider, which gets over 30mpg. So even if I have to drive somewhere by myself I usually take the spider, as it gets double the MPGs my truck gets. My dad's truck is also available for me to borrow (my brother is baby sitting it, my parents are on a church mission out of state right now). and only my wife and I drive. so 5 cars for two drivers, neither of us commute (stay at home wife and I work from home). it's crazy just how few miles we drive at all. I feel bad just letting it sit. I only have about 1500 miles on year old tires, and that's with two out of town trips to take one of my kids camping! 

If I cannot sell it for crazy money I'll keep it, the cost to own it has been next to nothing. The spider will be gone in the spring. the jeep should have little overhead to it. The tahoe too. My wife's car is expensive, just because it's new (insurance/taxes).

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