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 Posted: Mon Sep 7th, 2020 03:41 am
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I keep getting a P0171 code at random times. I'll clear it and then it comes back in 20 miles, 100 miles, or 400 miles. No specific amount of time. I attributed it to the higher mileage on the motor and the long idling I've been doing during lunch breaks from work. Since you have to eat in your vehicle now. It's been really hot out so I've been using the A/C non-stop and while idling during lunch breaks. Sometimes up to 30 minutes everyday. It drives well and idles good. It's in proper tune for a 200,000+ mile engine. Not sure exact mileage on the engine it was replaced at 228,000 with a supposed 50,000 mile used motor. The truck now has 402,000 miles on it. All service is up to date, no vacuum leaks evident. Fuel pump assembly is only a couple years old now. Only 20,000 miles since timing belt, plugs, wires, coils have been changed. Even less so on the EGR system. Is there any of the PID information that would make it easier to narrow down? I've replaced both 02 sensors since they're kinda old. I replaced with Motorcraft. Everything ignition and electrical is Motorcraft parts. Two or three years ago I went through and changed every electrical and emission item to new Motorcraft parts. It ran the best it had since it was new after that. Could it possibly be nothing wrong but just the extensive amount of idling now doing?

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