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 Posted: Tue Nov 28th, 2017 02:27 am
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Slightly different token but relevant by theft. Thievery is what kept me from pursuing and continuing in the Honda community along with a dirty divorce.. The Honda community in my "opinion" is beyond riddled with thieves, I'd be as bold to say its damn near made up of them anymore.

Currently I live on 3 acres behind a private wall and a gate clearly marked with no trespassing in an open carry/stand your ground state. Now I'm not advocating you walk around your yard sporting your latest tactical alien gear leg-drop holster with your VP9 or Glock23 and openly practice drawing down on your car in the drive in mock scenarios.. that might transmit the wrong message. However, all my neighbors see me on my own property open carrying along with dozens of passerby's; I think the thoughts of climbing over my walls or gate are the farthest from any of their minds.. lol :twitch:

Next step is 30-100 acres farther out from the city altogether if I can find the right area and deal..

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