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 Posted: Mon Nov 27th, 2017 07:11 am
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Generally withing 30 mins or less everything from dash and glass as well the engine and trans can be removed...

Someone who steals Cadillac Escalades isnt gonna say well  , I see that sweet ranger over there, lets get it. But someone whose likely in the scene or in need of your parts will be eyeballing your vehicle.

This is just an example and I dont know about the new LoJack setups but the old ones you had to know about when your car was stolen in order for them to activate the system and NOT all local authorities had the equipment, which meant relying on another city agency and more time. Thieves knew this too. So if you went to the mall for 3 hours with the woman, and you car was stolen 20 mins after you got there because someone followed you there and took it quick.. they've already had more than enough of a head start that you dont want the vehicle back now.. trust me.

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