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 Posted: Thu Nov 23rd, 2017 01:32 am
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Complete M90 specs and Technical Info

The temperature graphs indicate that charge temp will be increased some 200 plug degrees F above ambient. That's about 270 degrees at standard conditions. Hence the need for a intercooler is confirmed.
4.0power wrote:
The truck will have a/f ratio gauges, boost/Vac gauges so I can keep an eye on things

A/F, Pyrometer, boost gauge in S/C situation is nearly useless.. nearly. Because the pully on the snout is primarily where you're locked in at, the turbine remains constant. Changing the pully/timing can speed up the .. GETTING TOOOO BOOST faster but an Eaton S/C unless theres something new in the world I havent seen or heard of yet.. No one to really control boost other than with the gas pedal.

Turbo cars are easy because the boost controller can "vent" the boost on the charge pipe. S/C don't have that option. So I'm curious as to how they say you're gonna limit 3.5 compared to a 10 PSI pulley.

Also if I recall, at sea level 1 Lb of boost is roughly equivalent to 14.5 HP per lb of boost. 15lbs should approximately double your HP as a rule of thumb but again that is also fully intercooled and the lot of extras.

for 45-47hp I'd almost say for $480 you could buy a Zex Nitrous kit and get 55hp Dry shot or a 75 Dry shot if you're just looking to make it fast for whatever reason until you run out of legs or RPM bandwidth in 5th gear.

The only thing that sucks about that is when the bottle is empty, the fun is over sadly....

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