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 Posted: Tue Nov 21st, 2017 02:52 am
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Eddie Money wrote: Ill check with moddbox on s/c and exhaust combo. Thank you for the heads.  up. Ugh doing it all at once will require a good chunk of change. Lol. Ill definatly notice the changes though!!

You are correct my sohc is 207hp according to factory specs.

The hot shot ceramic coating you refered to, is that something I can apply at home or do I need to Send my headers to them?

This was the info I was looking for. Thank you.

Yea we ran several dyno runs on a few cars that were even factory S/C and spent an irritating time with swapping out intake kits and even 2 exhaust systems before we found a working combo on a good friend of mines vehicles. It would pain me to see others do the same.

Checking with Moddboxx they may be able to make some recommendations and assist your research into shorter time frames.

As far as the coating, that's a process done in their facility which if I recall is in Florida, A distant contact of mine on a business SM site is a custom fabricator down there too and uses them for all of his work too. I wish I could name drop someone for you there at Hot Shots but its been a decade since I was in contact with that person, sorry not much help there.

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