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 Posted: Tue Nov 21st, 2017 01:35 am
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Eddie Money wrote: Excellent!! Thank you. My truck is primo!! I'm laying the foundation for the moddboxx supercharger. So a tuner will come later.

If anyone knows if an H bar crossover fits on a ranger please respond

My next questions. Is the stock sport model sohc 4.0L v6 built for low, mid or high range torque and horsepower. I have 3:73 gears but im planing on going to 4:10 gears and bigger tires. I also have a lead foot. Im trying to figure which band to tune the exhaust.

I know I want stainless pipes but I need more info on headers. Is there a preferred brand? Long or short style? I also want to keep the heat in the headers and out of the engine compartment. Is there a wrap or coating to assist with that?

I'm in no rush to make these upgrades. If they are pricey I'll save up but I want the best. But i don't mean titanium. Lol. I'd prefer to spend more for good equipment than to buy a pair of headers that rust out or leak and have to replace them over and over. Im building for reliability and longevity.

Careful with S/C and exhaust size.. Dont work same as a turbo. S/C requires a whole other world of exhaust scavenging. Seen many S/C cars try to add Intake kits and or exhaust systems only to find out that it killed power.

May want to wait until after you successfully get the Moddboxx done if you can before throwing much wanted/needed funds at something that just may not work as you want..

As far as keeping the heat into the headers ceramic coating is what you want, if you live in a area of inclimate weather changes you really dont want to wrap an entire header, often the manufactures will deny any warranty due to that because it traps moisture. If anything, you may want to wrap a portion of the exhaust that goes around , near, or under the oil pan or trans pan to keep heat away from the fluids.

Check out HOT SHOT PERFORMANCE COATINGS Used them exclusively back in the day for a lot of track car customers.. which reminds me..

I'm not too sure of the exact specs on the SOHC but the OHV is meant for lower Tq and Mid power. Its great as a Street truck and freeway speeds and a tinge more but after 90'ish or so MPH you really start running out of legs.. Maybe with the introduction of a S?C that might move the power band a whole other level but my 93' OHV has 225 ft lbs of tq at 2200 RPMs at 160 hp [@ Flywheel].. Same 3.73 gearing.

your SOHV has I believe 207 Hp and I think you gained 12-14 ft lbs of Tq. (?)

BTW # titanium ftw ;)

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