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 Posted: Thu Mar 14th, 2019 12:55 pm
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veedubtuner wrote:
When I install the shorty center console I have, I want to add a USB port in there, as it's just more practical for me. My plan is to delete (shave and plastic weld) the cig lighter and 12v socket from the bezel since I wouldn't use them, to make it look cleaner. I have found a factory USB port that would probably work with what I'm wanting to do. I was thinking of using the wiring from the 12v socket for the USB port and just extending it down to the shorty console. My question is, has anyone done anything like that or similar in regards to using the existing wiring? I'm no wiring/electronics expert so I don't know if the 12v wiring is adequate to use a USB source of power. I assume it is being that they sell those USB sockets to use in 12v ports, but you know what they say about assuming lol.
VDT,  How about this Radio Bezel... !

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