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 Posted: Sun Feb 24th, 2019 04:22 pm
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Tsquare wrote:
Changing drum brakes is a PIA. I see converting to disk as a bigger PIA. $375 or $138 and I am a cheap SOB !

black06xlt wrote:
Rear disc brake swap on a ranger is dirt cheap. I did mine and had about $50 in the conversion. I went to my local pick and pull went to mustang section and got the parts from an 04 mustang gt. You can use any mustang from 94-04 except the cobra mustang. And it dont matter if it's a v6 car or gt 7.5 or 8.8 both have the same brake setup.

It not a CSOB thing, it is practical, old parts work, yes, but time to look in the JY, time to find the right parts, time to go to the Parts Store for any new parts you will need... there is always new parts needed.   Add up all the time and yes, I understand time is a cheap commodity but it is all in just how cheap..., I find sometimes when a kit is available, with all of the parts you need, it turns out cheaper in the long run !

$375/Shipped isn't a bad price for new parts, yes you need $375 to pay up front, but from what I saw in the kits and what the reviews were, I would say it would have turned out good IF I had done it.

Next time I need rear brakes I will check out the kit, if I can find one.

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