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 Posted: Mon Feb 18th, 2019 09:38 pm
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I’ll probably do it tomorrow

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A little update for everyone. So today while I was at work the technician called me and told me they couldnt get anything from the pcm like there wasnt any communication between their system and the pcm, so they were thinking the pcm was bad and asked if they could check it for $137 and I said sure go ahead. After my lunch break was over he called and left a voicemail and told me he thinks he figured it out, so I called and the tech swapped a relay to the pcm and it cranked over and everything was fine, so he said he is only gonna charge me the initial $137 plus the cost of the part which brings it to $182 even. So, great news is that if it's ready on my lunch I'll be able to go and pick it up and I'll have my truck back tomorrow :):thumbsup: If he calls and says it's not ready or that what they did didnt work and they have to go in further, I wont have it but fingers crossed it was just a bad relay and Lola will be back to rock and roll.

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