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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2019 01:58 am
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where is the 10mm?

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Hey guys names Joe im new to the forum so glad to be here and looking forward to hanging out and talking about these little trucks. so for starters dose any body have any knowledge on the 94-04 (SN95) rear disk brake conversion to stock 28 spline rear ends? I see a lot of guys have already have done this upgrade to there trucks but was wondering if anybody could elaborate a little more on what it actually took to get it done. it seams to be a pretty easy bolt on type affair but ive heard that there can be some fitment issues more or less with rotor to hub mounting. Let me know whats up or if any body has had a similar issue. Im very interested in this conversion.

when your down just think life could be a lot worse you could be driving a s10.