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 Posted: Sat Feb 9th, 2019 11:44 am
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Grounding can be a nightmare; the body ground is a big one that is so often over looked.  A simple braided strap can cause a lot of headaches until notices.

Although never done, grounds should be checked once in a while.

The big ones are in the engine bay, alt, engine, starter, and body, to the frame and then back to the battery. Anything added, lights, Amp, even a new radio, should have a new ground back to the battery or grounding terminal strip.

I had an electrical problem in my first Mustang, a '67 GT, 390, 4-sp.   The tail lights, brake and license plate, would stay on all the time.  If the engine was running it was ok but park it and the battery was sure to be dead when I returned.   The problem was traced to the grounding of the Fog Lights via the Dash Switch, once I replaced the wiring and Fog light housings, everything was back to normal and I was out hunting Chevy.

Glad you found the problem, now on to better things !

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