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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2019 04:03 pm
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Chris wrote:
As Jim says, I am working on a new theme which is mobile friendly, but I have made no changes at all to the ranger, rangernew or rangernewblue themes for a long time now.

The reason you saw the login issue was simply that the new mobile theme is set for the board default so people not logged in, including googlebots, see the new theme - users who then login get their own theme ( mostly rangernew) after they are logged in.

OK then, thanks...

I looked around and found the switch for the page Theme, made sure it was in the "Rangernew" setting, saved it, it took !

Appears all of the FONT problems have been corrected, thx !

Sorry for any trouble, little things tend to bother me more than big ones !


p.s. I have said before I "Log Out" at the end of a session and then in again when I return.
Someone said "to stay logged in", but... not my way !

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