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 Posted: Tue Feb 5th, 2019 10:45 pm
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Bad grounds can cause your problems, and usually the next closest lights to the bad ground will be effected !

The best fix, IMHO, would be to as follows:

For the Fog Lights, run a new ground wire from either the Light housing or install a new ground from the socket, back to the battery.

For the Brakes, replace the existing ground wire.  Do both sides, can't hurt.
Mine on my '03 came together as one in the middle of the Tire Carrier Shield.

1) Go one size larger on the wire gauge.
2) Clean the connection points to bare metal and add two external tooth star  lock washers to each wire connection; one below and one above the wire lug.
3) Seal the Connection with a good grade corrosion inhibitor.

Check your headlight ground connection, they usually have problems too, AND maybe the same location as the Fog lights.
Another thing to check, find the Body Ground Strap, usually in the engine bay, they corrode and you never know it until you find problems that are hard to trace to that gourd wire.

NOTE: When I add lighting or upgrade existing lighting, I ALWAYS run a new ground wire back to the battery area.  The Battery connection can be either a terminal strip to connect multi wires, or just connect to the battery terminal.
New Ground wiring can eliminate all kinds of electrical problems.

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