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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2019 07:37 pm
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Update 01/21/2019: 

I ordered a re-manufactured long block from Fraser Engines. Has a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty on it. Should be here this week sometime. Will likely be going in the truck the first week of February. On the plus side, the salvage yard I got my original 5.0 from gave me all my money back even though it was outside of warranty.

OK, you now have a good starting point.
The Stock 5.0L should be a good reliable power plant.
Are you planning anything, headers, free flowing exhaust ?

Good Luck with the new setup.

Good to hear there are some good businesses out there, someone that you can go back to and count on.


It has Torque Monster headers on it and 2.5" exhaust from the cat back

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Heck yes! Let us know how it goes
You should ask them if they can ship it with the explorer style timing cover

I'm not sure if a long block comes with a timing cover. Regardless, I ordered a new timing cover from RockAuto anyway

That's right TM's are the only ones that fit there than the Explorer Junk headers.

So that hose should free up the flow out the back.

Anything other than the Headers or are you sticking to OEM Stock ?

I didn't think a long block came with the timing cover... used, unbroken is as good as new... and it would be factory.
Maybe that JY, where you got your other motor from, may have the right timing cover, might be cheaper than a new one... but you may have said you already ordered one.

What transmission are you thinking on ?

I used a 3 speed automatic on my conversion, a little easier and sturdier than a Ranger 5-sp; if I did it again, I'm thinking minimum a 4 sp OD automatic but there are a few choices out there.

The 3-speed C-4 auto held up really well, I had  shift kit in it to tighten up the shifts, but at 65 I missed the OD.

This swap has technically already been completed once. Its a 2000 Ranger XLT 4x4 (originally 3.0L Flex 4R44E) with a 2000 Explorer 5.0 (blown up) engine and 4R70W transmission. Transfer case is a 4406M out of a 1999 F-150

2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4
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