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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2019 02:22 am
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I’ll probably do it tomorrow

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Eddie Money wrote:
I hope it fixes it. You are a dedicated ranger owner/enthusiast and itd suck to see you lose your lola. Fingers crossed.

PS. When my keys were stolen I had to have a mobile locksmith make me a new ignition/door key cause the theif stole my spares too. Ugh!! That cost $260 a few years back. The locksmith recommended that if I needed this done in the future, I could buy the blanks online but they are only sold in pairs. Was $60 back then. Then you just get charged for programming the chip and cutting the key. A good locksmith will make sure all keys work in all doors and ignition.

Thank you for the info. Update: I'll have to get this done on Saturday. I'm off, and so is the person helping me tow my truck. It all works out better, I'll get there early in the a.m. and wont have to be rushed, and hopefully they won't need to keep my truck overnight that way. Again, thanks to all of you, I will keep yall updated.

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