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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2019 02:50 am
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Scrambler82 wrote:
Check out the BFG All Terrain Tires, not the cheapest but good street manners AND the biggy... drum roll,  they wear like steel !

My latest set have lasted me approximately five years with a road milage of approximately 9K/yr !  Nice !  They still look good and they still bite both on and off the road.  Street manners are a big thing here in SoCal; after a rain the roads can be pretty slick, I haven't run into any problems with stopping with them AND they do a GREAT smoke show if you have the power to turn them fast enough.

BFG pricing will run somewhere in the neighborhood or $145.00/ea. but divide by 5 and you end up with  $116.00 per year !  For me mine are 155.00/ea mounted on the truck (without shopping around) equates to, $106.00/year, I usually buy a generic spare of the same size, just in case and I don't have to pay the premium for the BFG Spare.
Some people get more milage than others, like me, I will get six year out of these ($103/year) and I WILL REPLACE THEM WITH A NEW SET OF KO2's.

I am running off at the mount AGAIN, sorry for the wordy response, by paying more up front you save in the long run !

Good Luck on your choice,


 I new you had some 30+ somethings on your truck. Good to know. I'll check those out. I always appreciate you sharing. Thanks!!


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