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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2019 08:00 pm
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I’ll probably do it tomorrow

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JAMMAN wrote:
If I was good enough with forscan I could tell you how to fix it. Bet you Anthony knows, try sending him a message.

There is a locksmith here in town that has a machine that reads the transponder and clones it. He did it for my DD. This guy is the most dangerous guy in ohio lol he has a little CNC machine that makes the key after laser scanning it. All in his garage.

That's a little scary lol, good on him for using it for the right purpose. And who's Anthony? I'm not sure on user's names yet. And I'm thinking it could be my key, it looks pretty beat to hell on the metal so maybe that's not sending a signal...? Idk how the keys actually work. But I have to take it to the dealer anyways for the airbag fix, so I could at least get a key made to see if that fixes, I probably need a new one anyways. While I'm there I'll see if they can help me out as well. I plan on doing this Wednesday afternoon/evening, after work. I'm gonna rent a uhaul to dolley (waaayyy cheaper that a tow truck) and use a friends truck to pull it there.

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