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 Posted: Sun Jan 13th, 2019 09:03 pm
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I’ll probably do it tomorrow

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's been a sad time these last couple months. Lola has been down and out for a while now. Yall may remember when I was having that electrical issue with the tach, speedo, odometer and temp guage shutting off while driving, and then not starting? Well, after a trip to the junkyard for an alternator and a battery test, here she still sits, sad and lonely. I've contemplated taking her under the knife at the nearest shop to me that does great work (all the others are mediocre and charge way too much for crap work) and getting her diagnosed, but yall also may remember that while she's like this the computer sends no input to an OBD2 reader to pull codes, so they'd have to spend time (and my money) picking the brain of this wonderful truck. BUT, the main problem I see there is that for them to put a starter and change the oil in my grandmother's 2000 Chevy Silverado, they charged $600. That price may seem reasonable, I'm not sure I've never taken anything to the shop except for inspections, tires, and alignments, but those are simple jobs and the diagnosis of my truck probably isn't "simple". I've been under, over, inside, outside, and through the entire truck and cant find anything that doesnt look right. I'm torn on the decision to buy a new alternator and battery so I know for a FACT that both of those are good, and if that doesnt fix it possibly take it to Ford and have then run some sort of test or refresh the computer, since I've gotta be there anyways for the airbag replacement. If they cant figure it out, it may be time to let her go....

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