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 Posted: Sat Jan 12th, 2019 11:16 pm
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Eddie Money wrote:
At some point I'd like to go with a 35 inch tire. My question is which is heavier, wheels or tires? I'm looking to stay the same or lighter but maintain a decent ride and comfort. I was told I could use my stock alloy wheels with 35s but I was wondering which would be better, a larger wheel or a large tire to save weight without compromising ride?
I like the look of 35's tires on 15" wheels, they wrap around rocks better, when aired down, they protect the rims and the bead better, but they are heavier than the same tire in 17" or 18" Wheel size because of less rubber.

17" and 18" Wheels are heavier than 15" wheels, more metal, more weight, plus they just look weird, (To me), except 17/18" is where the world is going.

Ride comfort... it depends on the suspension, but heavy duty rated, tires will affect the ride but the actual ride is mostly in the Spring Rates, and the Shocks.  Look for a soft ride suspension and buy with all of your specifications laid out.

The biggest problem with larger tires and rims, is more of the weight on the braking system with excessive unsprung weight.  The axles, the tires, the rims, are all unsprung weight and if not compensated for can cause wear problems in brakes, ball joints, wheels bearing, and steering components.

So to me, and I haven't looked up weights, start your search looking for weights of each of the tires and rims that you think you like.   Pick the arrangement of Wheel/Tire that you like and you think will work.    I think you will be surprised and there will not be a lot of difference in each combo.

Good Luck, post results because it is an interesting subject, I may even do a little searching too !


p.s.  I think the 16" Rims do not have a Beam Lock built in to the inner portion of the rim, most rims do.  Just something to think on !

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