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 Posted: Thu Jan 10th, 2019 02:34 am
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I read MadMaxx's maintenance log a while back (Disclamer: lol. it was a long while back and I've read tons of truck threads since so I'm not quoting him incase I remember wrong) and found the exhaust modifications interesting. It got me thinking....

Pre emissions vehicles had mufflers and very little of anything else. Post emission there is lots of high tech stuff to reduce vehicle pollution, but is a muffler part of that equation?

Besides reducing the engine noise to a legal decibel level, what else does a muffler do in regards to vehicle emmissions, anything?

The reason I ask is if you remove the 3 pre cat system and run dual exhaust with cats like MadMaxx did, do you need the muffler for anything other than the reducing the decibel level?

I think MadMaxx deleted his and added cherry bombs later. I would think they would have made it louder but I think he said it quieted it down a little and he likes it. I got the impression that if you warmed the truck up on your way to and in line at the emission testing site it would test fine as long as it wasnt too loud.

So what's a muffler do besides make it quieter?


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