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 Posted: Tue Dec 4th, 2018 11:48 pm
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410customs wrote:
This is the neutral safety feed, it can go to a few different places on the truck side of things like the 4x4 shift control module, the clutch switch bypass and the cruise control

I think you did good by going straight from the DTRS to the Gem, not sure why you are still not getting a low range shift...maybe your motor is fubar now? Maybe we blew a fuse?

For testing you can try running it straight to a good ground near the looks like all the DTRS does is ground the wire when in N

Here is what I would do:
Run wire from DTRS to the 42 pin connector on the 5.0 side
You should find pin 33 blank on the 5.0 side
Make sure the 463 red wh wire is there on the truck side (pin 33) 
Check continuity between the 42 pin connector (pin 33) to the GEM and make sure its the connected
Hook it up
That SHOULD allow the low range shift, at least it is for Brett.

Maybe his works because it's an explorer? And mines a Ranger?

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