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 Posted: Wed Nov 28th, 2018 05:06 am
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Water in the drivers floorboard can have multiple entry points. My 2001 has a really slow drip in that spot and I've never been able to isolate it. I've sealed the 3rd brake light, the windshield has been replaced twice, and the cowl drains are nice and clear and drain well. I think it's a failure in the seam adhesive that Ford used when putting the cab together. They had some seam sealer that was known to go bad after several years, getting brittle and cracking, allowing water to intrude between the panels.

I think it's a seam up on the roof, at the top rear of the drivers door, where that little plastic trim piece is snapped in. Where the rain gutters used to be on older vehicles. Though the headliner doesn't show any moisture, and none behind the seats.. These trucks leak in odd places like that. Such as the 3rd brake light letting water into the drivers floorboard, via the upper roof panels. Just bizarre.

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