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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2018 02:57 am
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Ok I'm not too up to date on all the new products out but I'm getting familiar thanks in part to FR forums and youtube. My social life consists of co workers and home. Thats why I'm a bit behind. I come here to talk trucks. Ranger specifically, I soak it up!!!

So while I was looking at blue chrome wheels I stumbled on plasti dip for wheels. This looks interesting but I like things neet and clean. Maintaining plasti dip wheels looks like a maintenance headache. Guys are also plasti dipping whole cars too. It's about 10k cheaper than a paint job and easier to DIY than a wrap but you have to wash it with special soap and sponge. The only advantage to plasti dip is you can change your cars appearance for $400 and when you get tired of it you just peel it off with no damage to the paint underneath and rock chip protection.  

I paid nearly 10k for my paint job and the guy did a   job for what I paid. That's why I've been looking in to wraps and plasti dip.


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