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 Posted: Sun Oct 28th, 2018 01:03 am
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Lol. Both my 99 and my 07 rangers coolant always seemed to evaporate. Overflow is always empty and they have never overheated. They never puke coolant on to the ground either. The 99 is gone but the 07 does the same thing. I just assumed it was a ranger thing.

In preparation for winter I picked up some 50/50 and filled up the radiator and the overflow to the correct line. The next time I drove it, when I parked it had a LITTLE steam wafting from under the hood that smelled like antifreeze nothing major and not billowing clouds. The first time I figured it was from spillage when I filled it up. It did it again today. The coolant steam seems to be in the vicinity of the driverside by the cylinder head and exhaust towards the firewall. I dont have oil in my coolant or coolant in my oil so I'm confident it's not major. I'm thinking it's a intake gasket or a freeze plug. I'm not a mechanic so itd be nice to hear what others think till I can get it to my mechanic. Monday it's going to the dealer for the passenger side airbag recall then I'll drop it off to my mechanic. Anyone have this issue as well?


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