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 Posted: Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 12:45 am
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While chopping wires on an explorer I discovered an obviously ancient Code Alarm RKE-1, I have both the remotes.

I know it worked on the truck but did not know it was aftermarket.

I don't need remote start but every remote entry I find new has a remote start too which requires a module to disable the pats bla bla bla.....

Well this thing works just fine. I hooked it up to 12V and found its range much greater than the stock remote entry system on Rangers. At least 2000 rangers. My ex cab sucks almost has to be line of sight and less than 40 feet.

SO does anyone have a complete wiring diagram for one of these things? I figured some of it out but I see a reset or program button and I bet it has a couple extended features I don't know about from the cheezy diagram I found. I'll attach it for laughs but it is 2 pages of the manual scanned and PDF'd.

Looking for complete instructions if anyone has one of these dinosaurs.


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