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 Posted: Sat Oct 13th, 2018 05:29 pm
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Eddie Money wrote:

Out of all the grills the STX had the best looking grill most years. The 04 style like black06xlts wasnt their best one. I agree that one didnt improve your trucks look. My favorite year grill was the 03 honeycomb. The very front of the hood changed in 04 or 05 I think so unless I want to buy a hood I'm stuck with the 6 panel.

Eventually I will meet someone or find the shop that can make a custom grill for me. I'd love something like the 2010-11 raptor grill or something like the transformer symbol stretched. So if you know someone or a shop that does grills hook us up !

I agree on the STX Grille, clean lines, different look for most Rangers !
I too like the '03 Honeycomb, but things needed to change for me.

Buggman was working on a Raptor step grille, no sure if it made it to production.

Most Raptor Style parts for the Ranger are out of scale, you need to put a lot of time in design and fitment.

I finally went with the Black Bar Grille and some red lettering, I still need to tweak it some, the spacing of the lettering and the S/S Strip across the grille.

Good Luck on your Search for the Best Grille, I for one think you already had it... but maybe you can tweak the STX Grille and get something you like;youcan always add some screening behind it !


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