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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2018 09:51 pm
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salvage auto dismantler

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Undrstm8ed wrote:
Did you do this post on your phone brotha? lol

  • Tried fold bed cover
  • Mustard gt rear disc brake conversion

just givin ya  . How did you like your JBA headers performance wise? Sound level wise? What changes did you see in those two things specifically?

I want to throw mine on but I am afraid and reserved that the truck will become too loud as aggressive as it is already and I'll be forced to do headers for the performance aspects but go back to a stock can to compensate for a little more stealth. I love my exhaust because its unique but then again i hate it because you can hear me coming from 5 acres away at idle!

Decisions, decisions..

Yes I did and I just noticed after I read your reply

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