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 Posted: Tue Sep 25th, 2018 07:05 pm
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Eddie Money wrote:
I also want to run 33inch tires. It's a 4x4 V6 SOHC auto currently.... 

I thinking 4:56 or 4:88 gearing will work for the 33 inch tires? 

On my last 2 Rangers before my current one, they came stock with 4.10s and 31x10.50s. I ran 33x12.50s on both of them. As with any increase in tires size, you could notice it. But I could light them up if I wanted to.  On the last one (2002 FX4), I added an SCT tuner to correct the speedo and even give it a little more power. To me, it was perfect for light offroading and still not getting me into single digit fuel mileage. Al so on the FX4s, no rubbing with some nice 3 5/8" backspaced wheels. 

My current ranger has 3.73s and I went with a 275/65R16. I cant run 15s due to the larger brakes, or I would have went 32x11.50s. I was contemplating 4.10s though. I also threw an SCT tuner on it, I got tunes from It corrects my speedo/odometer and gives me options to tune for towing, power or eco. 

4.56 will be better if you still tow or do some decent off-roading, IMO 4.88s will be overkill unless you do a lot of hill climbing. Don't get me wrong, it'll be awesome off road but your fuel mileage will be horrible on and off road.

Here's the last '02 FX4 with 33x12.50s. Just a t-bar crank. 

And heres the first '02 FX4 I had. This thing did great off road with 4.10s and 33x12.50s, again just a t-bar crank. 


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