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 Posted: Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 02:01 am
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You may have a refrigerant leak if the A/C clutch is cycling more. If the clutch is badly worn then I suppose it is possible that it might unlock frequently and you're hearing it locking up again, but my money would be on a refrigerant leak or a partially clogged orifice tube/filter. If the orifice tube is clogging it can cause one "side" of the A/C system to be at higher pressures than normal, which can case cycling issues. AND, if that orifice tube is clogging up, then your compressor is eating itself up internally. (the internal compressor seals)

Your best bet would be to have a shop diagnose it for you. Hopefully you know of a good honest shop, because at many shops, working on the A/C system can run in to spending some serious money.

In the meantime, you might remove the power connection from the compressor and check the metal contacts inside of it. They get rusty quite easily and lose connection intermittently. Cleaning them with micro files or small picks might help and use some good electrical contact grease inside the connector.

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