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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2018 10:44 am
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New to the forum, not to Rangers.  Have had several through the years and always found them to be reliable and (for the most part) easy to work on 

My 99 is a 3.0/4x4/5spd/Supercab with 180k on the clock.  A few years back I started noticing a strange whining noise that changed pitch on accel and decel.  I hadn't changed or checked the diff fluid since I had pulled the cover and replaced the fluid at 110k so I pulled the cover and out came what looked like chocolate milk.  Water had somehow gotten into the axle and completely trashed everything.  Bearings were starting to howl and the pinion was starting to walk on me so I reluctantly parked it and searched for a replacement 4.10 rear.

Apparently finding a 4.10 rear is easier said than done.  I could have 3.73s all day, but only found one 4.10.  drove two hours to find a rusted housing and bent axles, brakes shot, etc.

I finally broke down and decided to rebuild my housing with new internals.  Using electrolosis to get the rust out of the housing and off the various parts.  Bought a Ford Racing 4.10 R/P kit.

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