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 Posted: Tue Aug 14th, 2018 03:38 am
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toadboy wrote:
Thought I'd jump in to the middle of the pond here; I have a gently used 99 3.0 4r44e (90K) that I rescued from the crusher.  It had gone into limp mode with codes for all servos and torque.  I bought an updated valve body and installed it.  After I finally found a cut wire going into the gem, the electrics all checked good.  Only issue being it has no first gear.  After a little roll start in 2nd the trans shifts up in to OD perfectly.  But when you stop the trans can't find first?  I can not select 1st with selector.  The reverse works flawlessly.  After rolling the trans shifts like butter, shifting up and down. I'm going to get it off the ground this week but I'm not even sure what to check?  Any ideas are appreciated!
I'd start a fresh thread to get that answered. Guys on here are great


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