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 Posted: Sun Aug 5th, 2018 04:40 am
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I have been reading thru the threads here, and I am not finding my issue described.  I have a 99 Ranger with the 4r44e that doesn't seem to downshift?  I'm not even sure if I can manually select 1st gear?  Bear with me, as I am definitely a rookie mechanic:confused: The selector doesn't seem to go into D1.  I can pull out using D2, put the selector in OD, and the truck shifts all the way to overdrive, and it feels great.  I can step down on it and the trans downshifts and accelerates very smoothly.  But when I come to a stop, I have to manually select lower gear.  I replaced the valve body with updated parts/gaskets and I'm still having the issue.  Am I looking at an internal mechanical issue? BTW, the truck has a multitude of electrical issues.  I am running wires and checking connectors but could the lack of downshifting be electrical?  I have no wipers, dash lights, cruise, dome light/dinger, and no power to the 4x4 switch.  Wasn't the GEM.  Ran extra ground from block to firewall.  Fuses all check good. Haven't been able to correct these yet. Any suggestions?