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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2018 07:15 am
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GreenH3ll wrote:
I had that problem with my truck even brand new. The solution i find was to put Bilstein shock on the truck because the ''oem'' Rancho was done at only 20 000 miles!!!!! I will never buy Rancho and my truck ride like a dream since.

Tsquare wrote:
I can tell you what not to buy. I have a set of Monroe Monro-Matics on the front and rear. I put them on at 100k and they were very stiff all the way around. It has been almost 2 years and the rear shocks are shot with about 26k miles on them. The rear end has gotten looser and is very bouncy.

At the rate of knowing how many people will scoff at or mock me, I don't care. The Original equipment shocks/struts on vehicle for at LEAST the last 2-3 decades are ONLY.. yes ONLY worth about 20-22k on "average" with normal driving.. I dont care if you just drive to the market and bingo with the better half twice a week and that driveway princess basically sits in the driveway most of that. If you don't understand what progressive loss is, it may not ever make sense. An after market shock will MAYBE net you another 5-8k and that again will depend on how you still treat the truck as obviously stock equipment and that same market and bingo run twice a week down an old backroad will even be a shorter life span for the same shocks/struts - If nothing else blame it on built-in-maintenance to keep the manufacture open making replacement parts among other bureaucratic corporate bull ..

JAMMAN wrote:
I have heard similar stories about rancho, wonder why they are so popular? I guess if you are replacing 150,000 mile stock shocks with them you would think they are wonderful.

I think its the name and how old it is and at one time, Rancho shocks were the standard for lifted trucks when that scene erupted as it did. Nearly everyone I grew up with in Michigan that went "muddin" [mid to early 80's] had Rancho's or pro-comps and the arguments back then were as bad as between Chevy and Ford being better... Murrays used to peddle them, so did Ramchargers performance shops in Michigan among others.

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